Contingent Staffing

iCloudWa provides the most innovative, efficient, and cost-effective workforce solutions in today’s marketplace. iCloudWa leverages its mature, quality-certified processes to provide a variety of standard and customized solutions and programs to help clients optimize their supply chain and increase time to market of their workforce requirements. iCloudWa’s workforce solutions help clients increase efficiency, accelerate project progress, cut costs, and ultimately enhance their competitive edge.
iCloudWa's deep heritage and expertise in providing specialized staffing services sets us apart. As an industry leader, iCloudWa offers profound knowledge, comprehensive market analysis, and exceptional customer service to guarantee maximized workforce solutions. iCloudWa provides technical expertise to fill gaps in clients’ immediate skill sets availability, delivers emerging technology skill-sets, refreshes the existing skill base, allows for flexibility in project planning and execution phases, and provides budgeting/financial flexibility by offering contingent labor as a variable cost.

Service Delivery Excellence

iCloudWa best serves its clients by adhering to and executing superior processes. iCloudWa is dedicated to operational excellence as part of a client-centric mindset that assures consistent execution. Through decades of experience, iCloudWa has developed and refined every step in the staffing fulfilment lifecycle and consultant management practice.

Key aspects of iCloudWa's service delivery model include:

Mature Recruiting Process & Infrastructure

iCloudWa enjoys a competitive edge through expertise in managing the IT consulting process. iCloudWa has mastered the step-by-step process, including candidate search, identity verification, qualification, and hiring process, which enables iCloudWa to provide on-demand technical resources with very low turnaround time. iCloudWa also has a centralized recruiting infrastructure supported by one of the largest recruiting teams in the industry, supplemented when required by local recruiting operations in strategic markets. This allows us to deliver on behalf of its enterprise clients and exceed their expectations on every level.

Account Management & Service Delivery Management

iCloudWa has a well-established account management approach and client governance structure that fosters consistent client support on a centralized global and national basis. Client centricity and execution excellence are at the heart of iCloudWa’s philosophy, and these principles are embedded into iCloudWa’s culture. iCloudWa has leveraged its dedicated team concept together with cutting-edge technology tools and mature processes across both the national and global landscape to gain acceptance among the Fortune and Global 500 community, where iCloudWa now supports over 100 clients.

Consultant Care

iCloudWa has created an industry-unique consultant relationship management system complete with resource support, communication, and retention administration. iCloudWa begins with an assertive outreach program, driven by consultant relationship managers and supported by a powerful, web-based ERP platform that organizes timesheet reporting, expenses, etc.

Job Categories

iCloudWa leverages its mature processes and cutting-edge systems to source, screen, and on-board highly skilled resources across job categories that include: